THREE Ways to Learn Structured Problem Solving


< 1. USIT Textbook

The basics of structured problem solving of routine day-to-day design-type problems and of problems requiring invention are taught in the “Unified Structured Inventive Thinking – How to Invent” textbook.

2. HI textbook >

For those who have attained confidence in the discipline of USIT, the textbook “Heuristic Innovation” brings new emphasis to its practice designed to streamline inventive thinking by stressing more the engagement of both brain hemispheres and less the use of structure. See (1) in Essays.


Mini-lectures in the “U-SIT and Think Newsletter” cover a wide range of USIT related topics mostly focusing on techniques for learning and applying USIT methodology to all manner of problems.


3. U-SIT and THINK Newsletter    (scroll down \/ )


3. HI Newsletter: Mini-lectures on structured problem solving are sent in the U-SIT and Think Newsletter. Register for your free subscription. In the Registration page you will find available back issues in bundles of 10 pdf files.